About Us

We concluded that we needed to make it easier for other providers to access this knowledge, so we developed the Obesity Made Simple course..


Board-certified in both internal medicine and obesity medicine, we are both primary care doctors. Throughout the years of providing primary care, we have believed that we lack the information necessary to treat obese patients efficiently. We had a very limited amount of time to see every patient and handle every issue they had. One of the subjects where the only advice given was to "eat properly and workout to lose weight" was obesity. We both believed that we needed to provide our patients MORE.

When we decided to start studying more about obesity, we rapidly learned that the material was difficult to understand and took a lot of time to find. Additionally, it failed to provide the knowledge we want, such as how to obtain drug coverage. How can we inspire our patients to make changes for the better? .


Dr. Jeffrey Shukhman

We are very eager to introduce this training to the medical community, my wife, and me. The lack of progress in the fight against obesity has upset me. Since I was a young child, I have personally witnessed the hardships my mother faced trying to cure her obesity, and I believe that she was never able to receive the necessary care. She invested thousands of dollars in diets, supplements, and programs that were utter failures. She experienced obesity-related issues, and she could see no hope for a cure. I was able to assist her in controlling her sickness after completing my board certification and provide my patients with explanations. I now want to pass along all of this guidance so that clinical professionals everywhere can assist patients in succeeding. Join our program to see the fruits of our guidance!


Dr. Michelle Shukhman

I've always had a large passion for weight. I feel that because I have battled weight problems, I have a unique perspective on both the patient and treating physician experiences. I've discovered that healthcare professionals simply find it difficult to empathize and feel comfortable talking about weight. This, in my opinion, is a result of inadequate instruction in obesity during residency. After I graduated and started working in my clinic, I noticed how uneasy I felt about administering modern, FDA-approved drugs. Patients would ask me for these drugs, but I didn't feel comfortable writing them a prescription. I'm eager to now impart what I've discovered and my achievements. Want to achieve the ideal BMI, join us now!

Why Obesity Made Simple:

Many individuals inquire as to why we chose to develop this course. Obtaining the data that providers need and want more efficiently is an easy solution. The issue of obesity is still becoming worse. Without the right tools, we won't be able to defeat this disease, which will result in rising healthcare costs and further suffering for our patients.

There is no one easy fix for the obesity crisis. It's a complicated issue that calls for a multifaceted solution. To build an environment that encourages healthy lifestyles, policymakers, state and local organizations, corporate, school, and community leaders, childcare and healthcare experts, and individuals must collaborate. Join the program Obesity Made Simple for detailed instruction.